Project Management

NODE58 offers timely, reliable, Technology Consulting and Project Management Services from seasoned professionals with decades of experience.

Smart Home Technology

A common buzz-word, SmartHome, is found everywhere and most home owners do not really understand what it means and why their home should be “smart”.  NODE58 helps homeowners determine the most applicable options for their homes that are prioritized to suit their specific needs, that cuts through the techno-babble.

Neighbourhood Connections

NODE58 helps provide neighbourhoods with the tools they need to function as a community that promotes safety, awareness, security, and communications amongst residents.  This might be through a neighbourhood website, Facebook page, or simply an email group.

Emergency Preparedness

NODE58 helps households prepare a Family Emergency Plan to be prepared to face a range of emergencies.  Follow our step-by-step process to create and manage this important task.

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