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Reolink Argus Pro – Security Camera

If you are looking for a feature rich surveillance camera that is totally wireless for power and Internet then the Reolink Argus Pro camera is for you.  Install anywhere to get the exact view you need either hidden away, or

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WiFi + Home Networks

The term Wi-Fi is actually not an acronym for anything and contrary to popular belief, it does not stand for Wireless-Fidelity.  It is just a trademarked brand name that actually means, Wireless Local Area Networking based on the IEEE 802.1 standards.  To most of us though, it

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Loxone Home Automation

Recently, NODE58 in partnership with Integrator Monomi Automation deployed an intelligent SmartHome system using the LOXONE Mini-Server system. The Loxone Miniserver enables instant communication between different systems and devices in the home including the HVAC, lighting, blinds, windows and

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