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NODE58 works with small firms to help them compete and grow in today's highly competitive global economy.

From helping aspiring entrepreneurs turn ideas into businesses, to helping small firms expand, to providing the information every business person needs to make critical decisions, NODE58 is the resource entrepreneurs in all industry sectors can turn to for help -- help that can make the difference between success and failure.

Combining the expertise of a professional staff and the resources of NODE58's alliances, we can provide high quality one-on-one business management consulting, information and education programs that build small firms' capacity to compete effectively in domestic and international markets.


Kiwi Collection Inc., Vancouver (March 2005)

Business Plan - Rob partnered with Compatriot Ventures to design and create a company Business Plan for this dynamic business that specializing in high-end, luxury travel.  This will be used to attract venture capital and joint venture partnership opportunities.

ClientClick Communications Corporation, Vancouver (2001)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Rob was under contract to act as CTO at a startup company where his responsibilities were to develop the business plan, corporate development strategy, and to Project Manage the development of the web-based product. This Internet product was developed as an online communications tool for stock brokers and financial advisors to connect with their client base via the Internet with financial and market information on a timely basis.

Cornerstone Venture Capital, Vancouver (1997-2001)

Technical Investment Analyst - Rob was contracted to review and evaluate business plans in the high-tech and Internet areas for investment and viability potential. Part of his duties have included the detailed technical due diligence, on behalf of Venture Capital firms, that is required when determining the viability of a new ventures' ideas and concepts.


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